Stand Out Leadership

knowing what makes leaders stand out is an important element in adapting and learning as a leader.

In this episode, Ash and Ian discuss the key things that make leaders stand out, including; truly listening, having clarity around their own success and knowing and playing to their strengths and presentation.

“Leaders who stand out are ones that have the bravery to have cognitive dissonance”

Ash Dashlooty

Ash discusses leaders who recognise their own mental dissonance and become comfortable with this, stand out immensely. And approaching this curiosity in order to find new ways of working or the answer to a question is what seperates leaders.

Leaders that know and play to their strenghts also stand out. As they find ways to strenghten their weakensses, possibly through surrounding themselves with people who can teach and compensate for their gaps.

To dive in deeper into this topic, take a look at our YouTube video, or if you’re on the go, listen to our podcast; availiable on all audio platforms.


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