our mission

to support 10 million leaders

who shape the world

for 100 million people

A little about us

At sp_ce we believe that great leaders make our world better. This belief is born out of a study of many of the great leaders in history who were able to support pronounced change through creating a "sp_ce" for others to unlock their potential . At sp_ce, we aim to support and challenge those on such a journey, knowing the impact it will have on the teams, organisations and most importantly, the communities they lead.

As a team, we are proud of the blend of experience, professional expertise and purpose driven members, who each strive for the best outcome for our clients. Even after 27 years, we are still hungry to find improved ways to better support client journey's and outcomes.

What guides us?

Let the passion flow

Our team are involved because they bring unique talents, perspective and experiences. We make sure our team are the best versions of themselves, to help raise the bar for all. And don't worry, we're all a little weird in our own way.

Do the right thing when no one is watching

In everything we do, we take a moment to ask ourselves:

"If I was telling my friends or family about this, would I be proud of my choice?"

Nothing great is achieved on your own

Look for the opportunities to be kind, to care, to offer and ask for help from those around you. Remember that we all need to practice selflessness to achieve our purpose and channel this value.

Our Approach

Tailored programs

We focus on creating a high-quality, flexible and continuously improving suite of solutions which can be delivered to the targeted needs of your team.

One-on-one consultation

We use well researched methodologies that we custom fit to your needs. Working with you is a key ingredient in obtaining the best outcome for you and your team.


We use our experience in organisational growth, leadership performance, coaching, and behavioural science to design strategies, programs and solutions that achieve growth, improved performance and constructive change.

Evidence based

We use evidence-based methodologies to ensure the solutions created for you and your team help you to achieve the best outcomes possible.

"Living a life of values is living a life to value"


Some of the leaders and teams we have helped...